1. What pace should I be able to ride?
    Our trips are for the experienced riders, you should be able to ride the stages at an average speed of 25km/h ( 15mph). This to ensure that you can enjoy your rides and be in on time.

  2. Does BBX provide the race bikes?
    No, we expect our riders to bring their own bikes. We do however have mechanics present to build up your bike when you arrive on Monday. This way you have the comfort of your own bike, which is better for the experience of the classics.

  3. What do we do in the evenings?
    On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will take care of the dinner arrangements. The other nights you are free to choose your dining. Of course we can assist you in making the best choices.

  4. Who will provide us with lunch?
    During the stages we will provide you with the necessary sports nutrition just as the pro riders would get during their races. During our city trips you can decide what you want to do for lunch.

  5. What if I need to cancel my trip?
    You can cancel your trip without cost until 8 weeks before your scheduled trip starting date. After that there are no refunds possible.